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LED TV screens:

    - screens can display any file that contains image, photo or video from any source:TV, DVD, VCR, PC, CD-ROM
    - full street impact
    - effective brightness of direct sunlight
    - guarantee and service directly from the manufacturer
      technical description (click here)


Cross LED panel products for pharmacy

    - signals the presence of a pharmacy
    - effective visibility in direct sunlight
    - can display time, date, temperature and graphic animation
    - display various promotions via scrollable text panel
    - feature-rich software (speed setting text, fonts)
    - experience of over a year (over 100 cross panel products installed in Romania)
      technical description (click here)


City-light, backlit:

    - major street impact on pedestrian and car traffic
    - easily integrated into the urban landscape
    - strong interior lighting for night time
    - easy change of posters
    - poster protection against environmental conditions and vandalism
      technical description ( click here)



Backlit: momentan nu fabricăm acest produs






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